Company Profile

Inkloud is an internationally registered brand to cope with the company’s aim to serve world-wide customers with the fullest range of stable quality consumables in printer aftermarket industry, computer & tablet PC accessories industry, and mobile accessories industry. The company headquarter is in Hong Kong, the global free trade paragon, with the numerous supply choices from Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Taiwan and other cities of China.

Inkloud is designed to be a global company with her own production base, her trading strength, her subsidiary development, her branding agency capabilities and her own brand expanding.

Inkloud is structured by three sections. The HK headquarter serves the worldwide Inkloud subsidiary cooperation and export directly to desired importers. The subsidiary cooperation is the second section which is under construction now in Europe. Italy is our first detachment with over ten years’ industry experience. Portugal is the second to serve the market as a wholesaler. Our other subsidiaries in France, Germany and other countries will be set up soon with our rich marketing and e-commerce experience. Franchised stores are our third section, which is definitely competitive with our wholesaling warehousing support just nearby..

Inkloud is unique, dynamic, powerful, easygoing and very competitive, thanks to our young but highly qualified well-experienced international team, our long history in the industries, our strong management ability of every link of the company, and our unmatched support to our clients.

Inkloud is confident that the value-added concept will attract clients to work with the company and together to build a chain of leading consuming solutions providers.